Our Mission

We will do your job for a fair price. We buy our plant material from the same growers and tree farms as do the retail garden centers. They mark up the plant material 300-400%. We don’t. They have expensive storefronts to maintain. We don’t. Many of them have expansive payrolls and big advertising budgets. We don’t. They rent booth space at the state fair, trade shows and the like. We don’t. All of these drive up the cost of doing business and they pass those costs on to you, the customer. We rely on more cost effective measures to generate new customers like referrals, traffic generated from our website, social media, and some very specific market targeting.

We know that you work hard for your money. So do we. Our promise is that we will give you the most bang for your buck when we arrive at your property to do the job.  We are proud of the finished product that we end up with and aren’t happy unless you are.